Explore Kamanjab area

The Town of Kamanjab

Kamanjab has several supermarkets that all stock fresh, frozen and dry goods. You can get most of what you need for a trip into the wilderness here, including a big selection of local and imported beers.
The local butchery sells fresh meat products from the area and is ready to stock your braai for a traditional Namibian experience. Wood and charcoal are also readily available. Some of the supermarkets can also help you after hours in case of an emergency.
Kamanjab has a 24 hour service station where you can find fuel before heading off to your next destination. Here you can have your tyres checked and repaired, or buy new ones if needed.
There are several places that offer meals in town, one at the fuel station and more at the guesthouses around. Bennie’s Bar is an opportunity to experience some local culture.